R I Instruments

The company demonstrates excellence in manufacturing a diverse range of products, including fully automatic, auto manual, and semi-automatic water level controllers tailored for effective water pumping solutions, borewell tank-to-tank control, PID controllers, temperature controllers, wired and wireless level indicators, universal timers, and digital timers. These meticulously crafted offerings are designed to meet the specific demands of both industrial and commercial-grade customers.

Established by the visionary Mr. Ramesh Bapu Iswalkar two decades ago, R.I. Instruments has risen as a distinguished small-scale company, proudly located in the bustling CBD Belapur, Sector 8. 


What sets us apart goes beyond our manufacturing capabilities; it lies in our steadfast commitment to understanding and fulfilling the unique and evolving requirements of working pumps. We aim to go beyond the conventional, offering customized solutions that seamlessly align with the dynamic needs of our esteemed customers.


Our product portfolio serves as a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence, spanning a comprehensive range of automatic panels meticulously crafted for fully automatic, auto manual, and semi-automatic water level controllers tailored for effective water pumping solutions, PID controllers celebrated for their precision, temperature controllers ensuring optimal conditions, wired and wireless level indicators providing accurate measurements, and universal timers catering to diverse applications. Each product proudly bears the mark of our dedication to quality and innovation, meticulously designed to meet the exacting needs of our discerning clientele.


However, at R.I. Instruments, our commitment extends beyond the tangible products we deliver. We take immense pride in not just providing solutions but curating an unparalleled experience marked by exceptional service. Our client-focused ethos is ingrained in the very fabric of our operations, evident in the comprehensive services and warranties we extend to each customer. This commitment ensures their satisfaction and instills peace of mind throughout their engagement with us.


Recognizing that customer support is not a one-time transaction but an ongoing commitment, we pledge 100% attention to our clients, remaining available 24/7. This accessibility guarantees that any queries or concerns are promptly addressed, nurturing a relationship built on trust and reliability.


To further underscore our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we proudly offer a robust 1-year manufacturing defect warranty on every product we supply. This warranty is not just a guarantee; it is our solemn promise to stand by the reliability and excellence of our offerings.


At R.I. Instruments, we don't merely view ourselves as manufacturers; we position ourselves as partners in the success of our clients. We are unwaveringly dedicated to consistently exceeding expectations and delivering excellence not only in products but in the holistic service experience we provide.