Our extensive product portfolio is complemented by customizable applications tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Automatic Water Level Controller

Area of Application:-Residential Water Tanks, Commercial Buildings, Agricultural irrigation, industrial processes and municipal water distribution.

Auto-Manual Double/Single Pump Controller

Area of Application:-Residential water supply, Agricultural irrigation, Customized Watering Schedules, and Municipal water distribution.

Tank-to-Tank Control with 6 Sensor

Commonly used in scenarios where water needs to be efficiently transferred or distributed between tanks connected to water system.

Water Level Indicator


Water level indicators are widely used in different applications to monitor and display the water levels in tanks, reservoirs, and other water storage systems. 

1φ / 3φ Digital Panel Borewell panel With Dry-run protection

Extensively used in Water Tank Monitoring ,Water Pump Control ,Water Treatment Plants, Drinking Water Supply Systems, Boiler Water Level Control Etc.

Wireless Water Level Indicators/Controller

They are used to monitor and display the levels of liquids Water Tanks in Homes and Buildings , Industrial Water Storage , Construction Site Water Management

Universal Application Timers

Applications, including Kitchen Appliances , Laboratory Experiments , Industrial Processes , and Traffic Signal Controls etc .

Double Side 4-digit, 4inch digital clock with remote setting

Extensively used in Educational Institutions, Industrial Facilities, Healthcare Facilities, Transportation Hubs, Security Control Centers Etc.

Batch Display with 25 settable recipes

Extensively used in Food and Beverage Production, Chemical Processing Plants, Plastics and Polymer Production Etc.

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